I always have another project in the works. On this page I will list a few of those on-going projects and announce some specific needs I have that are keeping from completing these projects.

As you look at my projects in motion, you may find that you have just the thing that I need to move a project forward. A specific person with a certain body type, facial features, or hands, to model for a painting, a piece of furniture, an article of clothing, a prop, a piece of jewelry, a setting, or a room to include in a painting. Some projects may need someone with a specific skill set, like a welder, woodworker, electrical engineer, poet, philosopher, chemist, or dancer. For other projects I may need a physical resource that I cannot find on my own, a motor, wood for something I am building, stone for sculpture mounts, scrap metal, glass, bricks, etc… I often find I do not have the tool I need to move forward, like a lathe, bandsaw, mass spectrometer, etc… Last, but most important, I occasionally need someone who is interested in contributing money to pay for a specific public artwork, an educational workshop, or my largest project, the “Artist-in-Residence Program.” Browse through a few projects and you may find a place to get involved. Thanks,  JP

Check back often. I will update each project as it progresses.

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Glorious Gloria

Pictures on the way…


I am in the planning stages of a special portrait of a dear friend of mine. She has pancreatic cancer. The portrait that I have planned for her is one of a queen, just getting up from her throne. She looks our way and see that we, her friends, are here waiting to have lunch with her, and she shows us the smile of recognition.

If you would like to help me with this project, consider lending me, or donating to my costume wardrobe or prop closet, any of the following:

1. A gown that looks like royalty; maybe something satin, with a shimer/sheen, a pattern, possibly golden accents, etc..

2. Royal Gloves (I’m not sure what that looks like…..)

3. A golden shawl, or fur shawl, or fur trimming that I can throw around her back and across each elbow, or somthing like it.

4. A tiger fur (wishing) or some other royal looking fur that might go on the  arm or back of the throne. I am often looking for fur, or fur coats, etc… to add to paintings.

5. A throne-like chair. Something high backed with carvings and armrests. The upholstery doesn’t matter so much as I can cover any upholstery with fabric. Any old broken chair, with interesting patterns, fancy designs, european looks, rich wood tones, etc, that you want to donate would be greatly appreciated. I paint a lot of portraits, and I am always looking for a different, unique chair to use in the painting. If it is broken so bad I have to lean the chair back against a stool or set the chair up on cinder blocks, it is still useable to me. Don’t throw it out please.

6. Costume Jewelry, (Or even real jewelry). Like the costume clothes, I am always looking for jewelry for props. Do you have something gaudy? No one can tell the value of it from the painting. For this painting, think regal, gold, diamonds, pearls, colored stones…


This painting is the most challenging painting I have attempted to date. There will be unique elements and painting techniques that were only touched on in the Renaissance time. Some of these techniques I found in books that had to be translated from the Italian. Some of the manuscripts that describe the techniques were written in old English where the f’s and s’s were written alike. Some of the techniques I will use in this painting required multiple artisans besides the artist, because of the variety of skills needed to acomplish the effect. The put it plainly, only a king or a queen would have been able to afford this painting.

If you are interested in helping me with this painting by lending to me or donating to me one of the items needed above, I will give you a special access code to a page on this website, so you can follow along and see your prop get painted into history.

This painting is not just to commemorate my beautiful friend, but will also be entered in a national portrait painting contest. Your costume or prop contribution may help me win a prize and get national recognition.

Please drop me an email if you can help.



Glorious Gloria

Study for “The Blessing”

Miss Margaret is a beautiful woman. She wears the most amazing headdresses. In real life, she is about ten foot tall, though when you stand beside her she only comes up to your shoulder.

Study for “The Blessing”

The Blessing

This painting in progress has one figure started, but needs four more models. All of the people in this painting are African American. I am looking for a young boy of about twelve and a young girl of about seven or eight. I need an old, old man, thin, with great wrinkles and a great smile, few teeth and wispy grey hair, maybe a beard. I will dress him in rags to make him look destitute, but put a smile on his face to show he is still blessed. Finding the right model for a picture can be the hardest part of the work.

The Blessing

Studio Search

Yes. I am still searching for that perfect studio. This is in Ben Long’s studio. In this picture, I had to resort to climbing up into the storage loft and look down on the model. Ben was working on a very large painting that took up so much room, there was no other good vantage point to paint from. The little picture I painted was not all that great but it did give me an idea for another painting. You may get to see it sometime. It will be called, “Study for Ophelia.” It will be one of the paintings from my four seasons series.

My perfect studio has 500 square feet or more, has high ceilings, windows high in the wall that face north, hot and cold running water, sink, bathroom, heating and air-conditioning, large doors to get large paintings or furniture in and out of, and parking. I would like it to be somewhere between my home and Asheville. I wish it were an old building with lots of character, exposed brickwork or post and beam construction… but now I dreaming….

I do have a 30 foot by 30 foot painting I am planning…. did I say high ceiling??


Studio Search